Sankalpa Darchula Nepal
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Sankalpa Darchula ( Sankalpa) Established in 1998, Sakalpa is registered under the Society Registration Act 2034 in District Administration Office,Darchula and affiliated with Social Welfare Council (No6386).Sankalpa has been implementing advocacy, Water Governance, Human right and community development programmes in 39 Village Development Committees (VDCs) of Darchula. It works to contributes to achieving various components of economic justice, including food security and livelihoods, water resource management, cooperative formation and strengthening, advocacy (Right to food, women rights, gender equity) and water and sanitation. We are working for building rural peoples' livelihood by engaging in producing and marketing of high value crops such as vegetables, cash crops and vegetable & cereal seed, enabling agricultural growth in the face of climate change; and creating fair and sustainable markets. In all our programmes and activities, women are primarily given preference and receive substantial benefits. We are working very closely with community by formation of women group, management committees, water users committees, producer groups, cooperatives, participatory learning centres and involving them in every aspects of development programme from planning, implementation and monitoring stages. Sankalpa has been working in the close coordination and collaboration with different governmental and non-governmental line agencies to alleviate the Food insecurity issues and increase the livelihood status of the rural people of Darchula and Baitadi through the use of advance technology in increasing the agricultural production and promoting the commercialization of agriculture for the sustainability of the livelihoods of the rural people. Besides, the working scope ranges from Advocacy to Community development, Human rights issue to Humanitarian and from the livelihood sector to food security in the past. Currently, it has been implementing “Sustainable Livelihood and Food security project” (SLFS) and “Disaster risk reduction” (DRR) program under the financial and technical support of OXFAM. Besides, it is implementing “Rangeland development program in Darchula” Community Development program- Health and WASH supported Good Neighbours International (GNI) and “Enhancing Effectiveness of EPSP through increased citizen participation” under the support of DLSO, Darchula and HELVETAS/ SAMUHIK ABHIYAN respectively. SANKALPA has been working in the AFSP working VDC’s during different time periods and with different projects.1

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Message from executive Director

Narayan Joshi

Sankalpa goal of  community Development Programme is to improve and secure rights to food, Water Governance,Humanitarian Support,   sustainable livelihoods and public health services of the poor, vulnerable and socially excluded women and men, so that we can end hunger in our time knowledge is the best defense against hunger.    

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